No matter the size of your company, all sales reps share one common goal: the
desire to be a top performer. We can help with that.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM and Enterprise Cloud Computing platform. Today, we are all
connected to employees, partners, and customers – on any devices, at any time. Behind every sales
interaction, there is a customer. Salesforce helps driving the sales processes more effectively and
efficiently than ever before.

Sell smarter. Faster. From anywhere.

  • Model your organization into a logical and flexible structure.
  • Automate and run any business process using workflows, approvals, escalation rules, and alerts.
  • Self-service reports & dashboards on any device.
  • Connect & share files from external sources like Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.
  • Real-time individual and team forecasts and performance comparison against planned quotas.
  • Work on the go and offline through your mobile device.

15 years of innovation and incredible growth. has become the global leader in CRM and has defined the era of cloud computing.
Salesforce’s industry-leading customer platform empowers innovation in sales, service, marketing,
community, analytics, apps, and more.

Market in a whole new way.

  • Route and assign leads automatically and use web-to-lead to easily capture new leads through
    your corporate website.
  • Run targeted and personalized campaigns across email, mobile, web, or social networks and
    discover their impact.
  • Create customized and branded communities that engage customers and connect with the
    targeted markets.
  • Manage advertising campaigns through company’s website or social networks.

Identify. Implement. Support.
NetU provides consulting, implementation and support services for new or existing
customers. Our offering includes:

  • end-to-end implementation.
  • Extend and customize functionality.
  • Develop additional custom functionality.
  • Build custom reports & dashboards.
  • Integrate with other third party systems.
  • Map business processes using workflows & approvals.
  • Optimize user access, permissions, and sharing rules.
  • Data cleansing (for existing or to-be uploaded data).
  • Mass data upload and export.
  • End-users and Administrators Training.
  • Localized manuals & user guides.
  • 1st level support (Help Desk).

We can help!
If you are considering CRM, or just want to learn more, we are happy to answer all your questions
and provide you with all the information you need.