NetU is a leading IT solutions and services organization in the Eastern Mediterranean
region with offices in Cyprus and Greece.

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Since its founding in 1991, NetU has been consistently selected by medium and
large organizations to be their IT business partner, to help them achieve their
corporate objectives and obtain a competitive advantage. By identifying ways to
seamlessly integrate business processes and technology, NetU empowers its
customers to reap the benefits of IT; whether investing for the first time, upgrading
or optimizing existing systems.

Cultivating co-operative rather than exclusive
relationships with market leaders enables us to recommend and deliver the most
cost effective solution, yielding the highest return. Today, NetU is recognized as a
major Integrator in the region and has developed strong local and international
activity. As such, it should come as no surprise that our customers include the
largest and most successful organizations in the region

All our solutions and services are delivered by high-calibre, dedicated staff. Within
one organization, NetU has the depth and breadth of resources to support our
customers`s ambitious strategies. NetU fosters a stimulating environment for the
development of its people, which combined with collaborative partnerships,
enables the delivery of solutions that fully satisfy the customer’s differing needs.

A constructive professional environment is nurtured where teamwork is of essence
and co-operation and knowledge sharing is encouraged and rewarded. The strength
of NetU`s personnel is in their professionalism, proficiency, expertise and drive for
the timely and successful completion of projects. Collaborating to meet a common
goal, NetU works with its customers as partners to unleash new opportunities and
realize new possibilities.



Our mission is underpinned by our
corporate values which govern how
we conduct ourselves, engage to our
audiences and the way we undertake
our day to day business.


Reflected in our ethical standards and code of conduct, underlined by our integrity, trust and honesty
in our every day dealings and communication.


Visible in the attitude of our employees and the passion and commitment they exhibit to make a
difference and excel.


Mirrored in our behavior where we work alongside our customers as partners, encouraging a personable
approach for the attainment of common goals.


Practiced and encouraged at all levels as consistent achievement of our goals requires accountability
as well as individual and team responsibility.


From the collaborative working environment we foster characterized by open communication, mutual
support, respect and investment in each other’s success.


NetU adopts a consultative approach to the implementation of its solutions;
applying proven methodologies to ensure success.

The value we offer stems from our industry knowledge and business skills, capability and repeated implementations. Our approach leads to continuous optimization, which translates to faster delivery, lower costs and increased productivity. We believe that the success of a project goes beyond the technical and functional expertise required. It is imperative to possess the necessary skills to see beyond the technical details to the end result of the project, and the business value it will create. A successful team must effortlessly blend time management, budgeting and motivational skills to deliver high
quality solutions on time and within budget.

Our successful delivery of numerous projects has perfected our project management
skills. These skills are vital to the projects we undertake allowing us to ensure
efficient and cost effective project implementations..

NetU gives special emphasis in quality and has internally developed a Quality
Assurance methodology based on proven methodologies, standards and best
practices. This methodology is strictly applied in all our projects to ensure the
delivery of advanced technological solutions at the highest level of quality.

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the fact that all our activities have
been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. NetU is also ISO
27001:2013 certified to ensure the highest level of security and protection of its
customer’s sensitive information.

Furthermore, to ensure that our customers can maximize the value of their investment,
NetU provides comprehensive maintenance & support services for all the solutions we
offer. By providing a permanently staffed help desk, we reassure our customers that our
commitment to them does not end when their system goes live. The services include
expert technical assistance and advice, problem solving & monitoring, operational
health-checks and on site visits. The close relationship with our industry partners
provides us with online access to knowledge databases, and to a dedicated pool of
support consultants overseas to quickly and efficiently resolve problems.

Our experience, flexibility and responsiveness assure our customers that they can rely
on us not just when solutions are first implemented, but for their system’s lifetime.

WORK WITH US. Start Building Your Future.