CRM statistics that will get you on board

13 July, 2022


Every department can benefit from a CRM system. Here are some key statistics that will convince you to use one.

For the most efficient interaction with existing and potential customers, most companies use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which significantly improves the organisation’s management, productivity, and business relationships. More specifically, CRM tools help you to effectively manage all stages and processes that comprise a customer lifecycle. Notably, every department can benefit from a CRM strategy, from marketing to sales, ecommerce and customer service, as it offers invaluable assistance with a number of important tasks and functions, providing improved streamline processes, enhanced customer relationships, rising sales, prime customer service, and, overall, increased profitability. 


The effectiveness of CRM is attested by the fact that, according to Grand View Research, 91% of companies with a minimum of 10 employees use it for better customer interaction in order to meet customer expectations. This is what renders CRM analytics one of the most popular and fast-growing trends in CX technology. As Forbes revealed, sales teams actually spend around 18% of their time in CRM, hence they are not its top users, as it is commonly believed. The same research showed that 35.2% of their time is spent on tasks that do not have to do with sales and customer service. This shows that not only sales and marketing departments need to be in the CRM, but this tool can be beneficial for each and every department. An impressive percentage of 64% of companies find CRM tools significantly impactful or very impactful, according to LinkedIn, while sales teams in particular showed a 17% higher job satisfaction. The most well known company related to CRM technology seems to be Salesforce, which has more than 150,0000 customers and owns around 20% of the CRM market. Salesforce’s success is evidenced in its annual revenue growth of 23.2%, as Spring Engage reported. This is because, according to Salesforce, CRM software has the ability to improve sales by 29%, sales forecasting accuracy by up to 32%, and sales productivity by 39%.


As it is widely known, customer satisfaction depends on the whole positive customer experience and not each department’s performance. This is why connected processes, as 9.75% of buyers agree, are of vital importance for attaining excellent customer service and, effectively, for the company’s increased sales. This view is shared by 77% of salespeople, who are strongly in favour of collaboration with other departments. This is because an organisation’s sales team needs to be informed on marketing campaigns, in order to be able to properly understand the needs of the customers. This is also reflected in the percentage of 60% of sales professionals that confirm how collaborative selling has enhanced productivity by more than 25%. At the same time, a significant percentage of 52% say that CRM integration has significantly increased sales, since the entire customer journey becomes quicker as well as more organised and competent due to department collaboration. Finally, what is also necessary is the provision of proper training in order to have a powerful team of sales reps who can utilise productivity-enhancing technologies and achieve excellent customer engagement that produces exceptional customer experience.  In fact, 80% of high-performing sales teams have noted that their sales training process was very effective, or even outstanding. 


For small, midsize, or growing businesses, Salesforce offers an integrated CRM platform, the Salesforce Customer 360, which serves as a complete CRM solution that connects every part of your business.  Salesforce ensures that your company utilises the required technologies for covering its own individual needs, while it allows you to add users and functionality instantly and effortlessly. With this solution, your business will benefit with a single, secure, unified customer view that ensures optimum customer lifecycle experience, guaranteeing company success and growth. At the same time, this platform can be customised and upgraded smoothly, without entailing any risks in the process. 


If you are considering CRM implementation and want more information on how your business can be benefited, Netu partners with Salesforce. You can, therefore, contact a NetU expert, who will happily consult you, answer all your questions, and provide you with the solution.