The Future of Work is Online

24 November, 2021


Working online, albeit challenging, has proved to be very beneficial for most businesses as it offers a number of advantages. Learn more!

After the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, the world was forced to rethink and adapt to the rising needs and changes that were gradually being introduced. The business sector forms no exception to this, with 83% of employees worldwide having to work remotely, at least part of the time. 

Working online, albeit challenging, has proved to be very beneficial for most businesses as it offers a number of advantages. First of all, particularly with regard to big cities, employees can save lots of time, even hours, from commuting. Simultaneously, not having to commute also reduces expenses since commuting can be very costly. Another important benefit is that working from home allows employees to be more flexible, hence, be able to spend more quality time with their family or work from anywhere in the world – whether this is an exotic island or a chalet amidst the mountains –  while combining work with holidays!  Also, it becomes easier to have a homecooked meal, which is healthier and cheaper than resorting to take-away and delivery alternatives. Particularly for international companies that have offices all over the world, working remotely allows employees and teams across the globe to have meetings, workshops, and collaborate more easily on line. Furthermore, many training and learning programmes have shifted online in order to accommodate those who work remotely, thus learning has become much more efficient. Finally, leadership has never been that straightforward, especially with multi-located teams. Many tools have been developed for enhancing the leadership skills of managers who now have to monitor their teams, tasks, and deadlines remotely. 

For technology-focused companies, in particular, NetSuite has developed a number of solutions that facilitate remote workforce. Even for companies that cannot work fully remotely, like distributors or manufacturers, NetSuite has cloud ERP solutions that can significantly reduce their workload. Unlike traditional installed client/ERP systems, which require specific IT infrastructure and remote ID providers to deal with potential issues, NetSuite cloud solutions work with all kinds of browsers and devices, such as iPad or Android based ones. In this way, working from home is as effective as working from the office. With such cloud solutions, there is no need for IT infrastructure while NetSuite, which was built from the start as a cloud solution, is hosted in robust Oracle datacenters with geo-redundancy. Notably, NetSuite has built-in dashboards, workflow, and approvals, as well as reminders, so that there is very little room for error or confusion. What is more, through built-in eCommerce, Customer Portals, and Vendor Portals, customers can monitor and track their orders or pay any outstanding invoices quickly, easily, and, most importantly, safely. With the new Supply Chain Tower, businesses can acquire a clear idea of demand and supply in order make the right decisions promptly. Finally, SuiteSucccess solution packs allow rapid remote implementation to instantly help your company manage every aspect of their business in just one system.

Most successful organizations have already adapted to today’s changing needs that demand the ability to work remotely in the most effective manner. If you want to learn more about how NetSuite can help you decide which solution suits the individual requirements of your company, feel free to contact NetU, the sole provider of NetSuite in Cyprus and Greece. Our experts can assist you with all your queries and consult you on every aspect of your business. Also, you can visit our website for more information or contact us via phone or email.