Here’s how to increase your sales productivity and drive revenue

31 August, 2022


With a high-quality CRM system such as global market leader Salesforce, you can achieve and exceed your goals by utilising some clever tactics.

Boosting sales is obviously the aim of every business, but how do you achieve this goal? How do you ensure that customers choose your products or services over that of the competition? Businesses waste a huge amount of time and money by making the wrong choices when it comes to driving revenue and growing sales productivity. Trial and error marketing methods can work eventually, but it’s a slow and inefficient process. The key to effectively and rapidly growing sales is to have a clear view of your customers so you can accurately respond to their individual needs.  With a high-quality CRM system such as global market leader Salesforce, you can achieve and exceed your goals by utilising some clever tactics based on the data analysis the system will bring to you. Learn how to maximise your investment with our top ideas for sales productivity growth…

Easily determine what works and what doesn’t

With a good CRM system in place, there’s no need to run time-consuming A/B testing of marketing campaigns. The system will use advanced AI technologies to analyse your data and accurately predict the concepts that are most likely to be successful. You won’t miss an opportunity again as the best leads will always be marked for follow-up or extra attention.

Ensure sales staff are achieving their best results

Gain insight into your staff’s productivity via forensic level analytics, determine areas where you can maximise your ROI with extra training, and create a great working environment where staff feel you are invested in them. Happy sales staff are the most productive!

Understand your customers

With intelligent data analysis, you can have the advantage of pre-empting customers’ requirements and offering them a solution or a product right when they want it. You’ll have insights that give you the opportunity to display empathy developed from accurate data analysis, boosting your value to each and every customer.

Enable ease of collaboration and data sharing

Working with data across several systems can cause problems. How do you know the data you’re looking at is up to date and accurate? With a unified system, you gain a single source of truth, cutting out ambiguity and data conflict.

Save time with clever automation

Ever spent all day feeling as if you’ve been incredibly busy but haven’t really achieved anything? We all spend so much time completing a myriad of small repetitive tasks. By implementing automation, you can eliminate many of the low-value day-to-day tasks, freeing up staff to focus more on what’s most important.

Salesforce is the ultimate solution

Salesforce is the world’s best-performing CRM solution, perfectly customisable to suit the needs of all types of businesses. Our expert team is here to offer tailored advice regarding Salesforce and how it can benefit your business. To find out more about how Salesforce can enable you to increase your sales productivity and much more besides, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.