Wingtip transforms its ecommerce and point-of-sale with NetSuite

24 August, 2016


NetSuite, the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites, has implemented for multifaceted retailer Wingtip, NetSuite’s ecommerce and point-of-sale (POS) to natively unify all of its customer touchpoints with its existing NetSuite ERP, CRM, order and inventory management. Wingtip can now modernize its commerce systems, further streamline its operations and deliver seamless brand experiences across all of its customer touchpoints.

San Francisco-based Wingtip sells high-end men’s clothing, accessories and lifestyle products from its website and its ground-level store, which houses a custom clothing department, wine and spirits shop, fly-fishing shop, tobacconist and barbershop. Ten stories higher, its private club for its best customers boasts a bar, lounge, parlor rooms and a wine cave. Already running its back-office with NetSuite cloud ERP, Wingtip deployed SuiteCommerce Advanced for its website and SuiteCommerce InStore for POS, replacing its homegrown commerce systems. With SuiteCommerce Advanced and SuiteCommerce InStore natively unified with its NetSuite back-office, Wingtip now has a true omnichannel commerce platform to deliver continuous experiences across its multifaceted business. The retailer has since refocused from managing systems to building brand loyalty, increasing revenue and cost-effectively scaling its business.

“We’ve redefined the omnichannel customer experience by blending one side of our business with the other,” Wingtip founder & CEO, Ami Arad said. “Club members use the same knives and drink the same wine we offer from our retail channels. And we capture all of those transactions to better serve our customers and grow our business. Prior to NetSuite, managing homegrown systems was death by a thousand paper cuts. We erased 10 years of technical debt by migrating to NetSuite and innovating the customer experience.”

Some of the many benefits NetSuite delivers to Wingtip include:

Seamless omnichannel commerce. With NetSuite’s in-store and ecommerce solutions built on the SuiteCommerce platform, customers can get a continuous, personalized brand experience, moving from online to in-store, to the members-only club. Omnichannel fulfillment offers many options: buy online/pick-up in store; buy in-store, ship elsewhere; split store shipments, and pushing in-store items to a customer’s shopping cart/wishlist for purchase later.

Rich, online experience. SuiteCommerce Advanced can provide website users an immersive brand and product experience thanks to capabilities such as multiple images, zooming and ultimate design flexibility. In addition, responsive design gives Wingtip a complete mobile site out of the box.

Self-service account management. Customers can view their website and in-store purchase history and track order status online. Private club members can do the same and also manage their rolling account balance since Wingtip credits half of their annual membership dues toward website and in-store purchases.

Full featured, mobile POS. With SuiteCommerce InStore, store associates can deliver a personalized and mobile in-store experience with all customer information, order history and inventory levels available in real-time, creating upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Single view of every customer. NetSuite unifies all customer information into a single profile. Store associates and customer service representatives can get an immediate, 360-degree view of any customer in real time, facilitating better service and improved brand loyalty.

About NetSuite 
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