Upgrade of the Schengen National Information System (SIS Recast) for the Hellenic Police

08 February, 2021


Following a public tender, NetU has undertaken the upgrade of the National Schengen Information System of the Hellenic Police, in accordance with the new regulations of the European Parliament and the European Council (SIS Recast).

The project also includes the development of an advanced search application, in order to strengthen the operational capacity of the Hellenic Police.

The Schengen Information System is the largest IT system in Europe in the area of freedom, security and justice, ensuring a high level of security within the European Union. It is an international security system used by the countries participating in the Schengen Agreement to manage and exchange information on external border security and law enforcement between them.

SIS Recast is a major reinforcement of the Schengen Information System, in alignment with the European Union’s effort to combat terrorism and cross-border crime. It includes, inter alia, improving the security and accessibility of the system, collecting and processing additional information, improving cooperation between Member States and Europol, incorporating and disseminating information on terrorism, expanding the use of biometrics, as well as significant infrastructure upgrades.

NetU specializes in the field of public security and has implemented the existing National Schengen Information System of the Hellenic Police in 2013. It has also implemented the respective systems for the Republic of Cyprus and the Republic of Croatia. Having already three implementations, NetU is considered one of the leading providers of Schengen systems in Europe.

The contract was signed in October 2020 and based on the schedule set by the European Union, the system is expected to be operational in all Member States in December 2021.