NetU implements Salesforce solution for Printec Group

25 May, 2017


The Greek multinational company uses Salesforce in 17 countries of the Central and Southeastern Europe in cooperation with NetU.

Printec Group
Printec is the leader in transaction automation solutions in Central and South Eastern Europe. With 29 years of activity, Printec provides comprehensive solutions including Digital Transformation, Self Service, Electronic Payment, Information Security, and Monitoring & Analytics.  It collaborates with leading global companies such as NCR, VeriFone, FICO-Tonbeller and Glory. In addition to its operations in Greece, Printec Group has subsidiaries in Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Croatia, Cyprus, Moldova, Ukraine, FYROM, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and the Czech Republic, while employing more than 900 people worldwide.

The previous situation
As PRINTEC operates in 17 countries in the Central and Southeastern Europe, there was a need for a single clientele system, as well as a common platform for interactions throughout different countries and geographic areas. In addition, the management wanted to have a consolidated picture at group level, business lines and product categories.

The procedures that were previously followed were internally developed but with limited CRM functionality, along with Excel files reports and Email based communication. The process of creating and tracking sales opportunities created the need for storing the necessary documents in shared folders, and the dates to be met were recorded within the electronic mail system.

Sales employees had to rely on their personal organizational skills to avoid neglecting actions they had to perform in their day-to-day work, which often led to delays and omissions.

Under these circumstances, forecasting sales in the coming month or quarter was a difficult, quite manual and extremely static process, without taking into account the volatile landscape of today’s economic reality.

The Salesforce solution by NetU
PRINTEC, after recording the challenges it faced and evaluating all the options offered, decided to invest in the Salesforce platform. Salesforce Sales Cloud is the most sophisticated sales force automation solution and is backed by the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM), This project was implemented in cooperation with NetU, the official Silver Partner of Salesforce in Greece, Cyprus, and Serbia.

The Salesforce solution was implemented across the whole Printec Group, including more than 70 users in 17 countries. Since then, the substantial benefits of the implementation were as follows:

  • An organized and secured point of information on multiple levels (user, department, country, geographic area, etc.) as well as through multiple channels (computer, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, etc.)
  • Increased efficiency and productivity, thanks to:
    • The automation of assignments, management and approval processes, customer and sales opportunities (follow-up, alerts, tasks, etc.)
    • The automation of complex authorization procedures (multiple levels, criteria, and approval officers) with paper-less processes and reduced email dependence.
  • Integrated, real-time monitoring of vendor activity (actions, appointments, communications, etc.) as well as their effectiveness (pipeline, forecasting and targeting) at individual, department, country and group level through built-in self-service tools for reports and dashboards.

Additionally, the Salesforce platform offers features that enhance communication and collaboration between different parts and locations (Chatter), easy customization of the system based on the customer’s needs, content management and other capabilities that increase the efficiency and investment’s value.

The innovative capability of corporate social networking, coupled with the diffusion of information, have greatly improved the users’ daily lives in Printec Group. In addition, information is provided to users based on what each person is interested in, as well as on the right of access certain information.

In addition, the combination of innovative features such as Record Types and Page Layouts gives PRINTEC the ability to customize and manipulate different kinds of information or types of customers in a completely different manner, depending on the specific needs of each case.

At the same time, the company’s management has at any given time the sales forecasting of the current month and the following months whilst comparing the actual or projected sales with the targets originally set.

The flexibility offered by Salesforce due to its cloud and mobile nature provides PRINTEC users with the information they want from anywhere and from any device. This feature has changed a lot the way users work, without necessarily being dependent on their office space.

The information was previously covered through several reports through Excel files. Now everyone has access to self-service reports and dashboards that are easy to adapt and share with both Salesforce’s internal and external users.

In addition, with nearly 4,000 apps available in Salesforce AppExchange, PRINTEC has access to a variety of free quality applications that enhance system capabilities and user productivity.

About Salesforce, inc. provides enterprise cloud computing solutions to various businesses and industries worldwide. The company offers social and mobile cloud apps and platform services, including Sales Cloud for sales force automation, which enables companies to grow their sales pipelines, close deals, improve sales productivity, and gain business insights; Service Cloud that enables companies to connect with their customers and address their service and support needs; Marketing Cloud, which enables companies to bring in data from any source and deliver personalized interactions to any customer across any channel through email, mobile, social, Web, marketing automation, and data analytics from a single platform; and Salesforce1 Platform, a cloud platform for developing customer apps. It also provides professional services, including consulting, deployment, training, implementation, integration, and campaign services to its customers to facilitate the adoption of its social and mobile cloud solutions. 

About NetU
NetU is a leading Information Technology solutions and services organisation in the Eastern Mediterranean. With presence in Cyprus, Greece and Serbia, NetU is recognized as a major Integrator in the region and has developed strong local and international activity. Being a trusted IT business partner to medium and large organizations in the Private and Public sectors, NetU provides world-class IT solutions in the areas of Systems Integration, Business Solutions, Technology Solutions and Professional Services.  

NetU is a Salesforce Silver Partner in Cyprus and Greece