Christos Tattis: Driving Oracle NetSuite ROI through Experience and Expertise

An Interview with NetU’s Senior Commercial Manager

25 August, 2020


Cyprus-based IT solutions and services firm NetU boasts vast experience and expertise that can help companies accelerate their digital transformation.

NetSuite has emerged as the go-to cloud-based business management solutions company, thanks to its Oracle NetSuite cloud-based platform that combines ERP, CRM, eCommerce and much more. Besides its capabilities, such as ease of customization and business process automation, it allows companies to gain real-time visibility into business processes at reduced IT cost. However, to achieve high value for their NetSuite investments, companies need the guidance of experts who have years of hands-on experience in the NetSuite domain. Cyprus-based IT solutions and services firm NetU brings to the table vast ERP experience and expertise to help companies accelerate their digital transformation journey and perform to their maximum potential. “Since 1991, we have remained up to speed with the growing needs of the businesses and the evolving best practices across different sectors. By doing so, we have been meeting and exceeding client expectations,” states Christos Tattis, Senior Commercial Manager of NetU. Underpinned by well-defined corporate values, the company is on a mission to excel as the business partner of choice for its clients, educating them on the market conditions, and helping them with fresh ideas.

NetU has developed a reputation of specialized integrator that caters to the needs of organizations of all sizes. The company distinguishes itself amid numerous competitors in several aspects. First, the company possesses a loyal workforce that has extensive experience in project implementation and high-quality project management methodologies. Second, it offers a whole new ERP experience to clients, empowering them to upgrade their legacy systems and business processes. Third, the company is favorite among public and private organizations due to its track record of accomplishing complex and mission-critical projects for almost three decades. Team NetU’s expertise in blending customer requirements, time management, and budgeting for on-time implementation of innovative solutions helps clients in their digital transformation journey.

Committed to the timely and successful completion of clients’ projects, team NetU focuses on understanding their business goals before recommending a solution. It initiates the solution implementation with business process reengineering workshops.

Team NetU’s expertise in blending customer requirements, time management and budgeting for on-time implementation of innovative solutions helps clients towards their digital transformation journey

Through this process, the team focuses on analyzing the customer processes to better understand how the business works and what its requirements are. “In accordance with the requirements, our professional team demonstrates the features of NetSuite, recommending a new, improved way of doing things based on modern best practices,” says Tattis. This includes automated operations, streamlined mission-critical processes, and real-time visibility into their business processes via dashboards, analytics and KPIs. After accomplishing the reengineering phase, team NetU proposes the best-of-breed solution as per the clients’ requirements in making their business processes more efficient, lean, and productive.

For instance, one of NetU’s clients approached the company to streamline its sales processes. Following a comprehensive approach, NetU helped the client develop a holistic view of their front and backend systems, implementing NetSuite to provide an end-to-end solution. “It was one of the most important NetSuite implementations we accomplished in 2019 as we managed to unify their business and financial processes in one system,” says Tattis.

In the near future, NetU plans to continue investing in NetSuite solutions to escalate its capabilities and further strengthen the partnership. The company is also focused on enhancing its team’s expertise to hold a better grip in the markets across Greece, Cyprus, and the Eastern Mediterranean region. It aims to help firms experience the benefits of a holistic, cloud-based ERP implementation.

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