NetU at the 12th “E-Business Forum”

01 December, 2016


Join NetU at the 12th “E-Business Forum” on Tuesday, December 6, 2016, at Hotel Divani Caravel.

Aim of this year’s conference is to inform participants about the current situation and prospects of e-Commerce in Greece, the emerge of new business initiatives and analyse key issues related to the general development of e-business in the country.

More specifically, the conference will focus on:

  • Keynote Speakers
    Leading professionals from large companies provide insights of modern successful practices around the subject of e-Business
  • On-line consumer research
    The largest surveys on e-commerce in Greece, on-line consumers’ behaviour, digital marketing and social networks, as well as how Greece faces digital media.
  • Digital & Mobile Marketing
    Communication and promotion practices through social networks, as well as case-studies from Greek enterprises that utilize the concept of interactive marketing. Additionally, participants will present applications, tools and best practices related to the use of a mobile e-Business strategies.
  • Rising Stars (New Entrepreneurship)
    New Internet entrepreneurs present innovative business models and share their experiences.
  • E-Skills Recruitment Panel Discussion
    Important executives will discuss issues and concerns about the development of e-commerce services on the internet, tele-education and finding staff
  • Workshops
    Distinguished professionals will present the latest practices, techniques and tools for digital sales and marketing.

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