Exelsys Focuses On GDPR Compliance

12 June, 2018


The Exelsys platform is designed with a range of data protection mechanisms as well as tools that allow businesses to implement rigorous rating and access policies. In addition, Exelsys, acting as a Data Processor in the provision of Exelsys HCM, has begun to further enrich its service from the start of 2017 with additional features and capabilities, thereby helping companies using the platform as Data Controllers to comply with the regulation.

Exelsys in co-operation with EUG, the independent Exelsys User Group, successfully organised on the 26th of April at Hilton Park, ExelsysConnect 2018, the annual Exelsys Users Conference.

The aim of this annual event is for Exelsys to update customers about new developments and functionality and for customers to network, connect and exchange experiences and best practices. This year the conference focused on GDPR, the new upcoming EU legislation for the protection of personal data and the way Exelsys HCM is addressing the GDPR requirements as well as how it can help customers become GDPR compliant in the management of employee information.

The new European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in place since May 25, 2018.

At the conference, Kyriacos Fiakkas, CEO of Exelsys stated that: “We are committed to upgrading Exelsys HCM to help our customers comply with our privacy policy and to preserve privacy, integrity and the availability of data. We believe that the GDPR will continue to evolve and we are committed to continuously upgrade the platform by providing tools not only to help our customers with complying with the regulation but also to provide added value to their businesses by gaining and maintaining the confidence of their existing and potential employees”.