With Exelsys, HR Management becomes easy 

09 February, 2022


Revolutionize the way you manage your employees with Exelsys and build a happy team, boost your company’s performance, increase productivity, and transform your business.

Revolutionize the way you manage your employees with Exelsys and build a happy team, boost your company’s performance, increase productivity, and transform your business. Exelsys Human Capital Management (HCM) is an innovative HR solution that is cost-effective, easy to use, and can definitely help your business to grow. 

HCM provides a core system for managing effectively and efficiently the entire employment process – from hire to retire – for all types of employees. With this system, you’ll be able to deliver a low risk, world-class Cloud Based HCM solution that enables you to streamline your HR processes, within a timeframe of 30 working days. Not only it is easy to implement, but it also offers a clean interface, according to Microsoft standards. At the same time, Exelsys has a big multi-country and multilingual network that can support all kinds of clients with the implementation and the overall use of this solution.  

The employees of any business are most definitely its most important asset. Therefore, it is of vital importance that all employees are equipped with the necessary tools for successfully managing their tasks and duties as well as being assigned the most appropriate role in the company, according to their capabilities. The optimal way for succeeding this is by automating and streamlining key processes, which is what Exelsys precisely does. Conveniently, due to the fact that it is a single cloud based system, you can access it any time and from anywhere. In this way, you can manage your workforce and keep track of all your employee information, a process that can be enhanced with the high level metrics and KPIs that are provided with the use of dashboards. What’s more, you can use Exelsys DataMart to analyze your data and monitor the functions that were executed or any changes that were possibly made.   

If you choose to streamline your recruitment process, your company will definitely be benefited. Specifically, managers will be able to add online requests for new vacancies, either internally for existing employees or for candidates from outside the organization, with defined fields such as minimum requirements, qualifications, and certain skills, a feature that makes the selection process much more practical. Once these are approved, they will be automatically published on the company’s website. Even more effective is the fact that applicants can apply online while HR will be instantly notified, so that their data can be promptly viewed to speed up the selection process.  

Importantly, streamlining your company’s HR processes is a cost-effective and time-saving solution that, in effect, maximizes productivity, whether your company is a small organization with a few departments or a large international business that operates in various countries and has several departments. Notably, with Exelsys, you can arrange employees’ position by  organizational unit, location, job code, title, shift, and work days. A very useful function is the Position Assignment that allows you to keep the entire employee history in order to take the most informed decisions with regard to your employees’ status. With such access to employees’ information, you can record salaries and benefits as well as to keep a record of each employee’s compensation, in any currency you wish. Simultaneously, for making the most effective decisions about salaries, Exelsys allows you to determine a salary range for the company’s position or propose salary increases according to the right factors, namely, blanket percentage increase or value and performance appraisals score. For keeping the company’s management under control, there are several tools that help you generate organizational charts, create user fields for any additional information you wish to include, and export data to various programs such as Excel, Word, PDF, XML, or CSV. 

Another potentially chaotic and time-consuming task is employee absence and leave management.  When you automate the different rules and policies for absences, then, your organization can be run much more smoothly. Exelsys has a number of features that make this procedure as simple as possible. For example, you can determine the number of absence types and the different rules for the entitled holiday leaves via user defined approval workflows. All notifications can be sent by email so that managers do not have to log into the system to monitor the requests. With Bradford factor KPI, you can also identify which employees are frequently absent and the effect this has onto the organization. Crucially, for ensuring that sick leaves, for example, are justified, employees can attach documents as proof. 

For a business to achieve its goals and objectives in order to thrive, it is vital that it retains and properly utilizes its talents. Exelsys can generate corporate and departmental goals for each employee or enable employees to create their own goals which are compatible with the organization’s objectives. Managers can then be informed of their progress and, consequently, build a better relationship with the employees that are actively involved in the company’s overall progress.  What is also important to note is that managers can improve their review process through creating various different appraisal forms (including self-appraisals), hence, be certain of who the company’s top performers are and make sure that they retain them. Additionally, with the analytical tools, employee performance analysis has never been easier, especially with the function of comparing the most current appraisal with the five previous ones, for better monitoring each employee’s progress.  

By choosing to implement a cloud solution to create surveys, you can generate numerous customized surveys and receive the answers online. Exelsys’ survey questionnaires have all types of questions, which can be made either mandatory or optional, and are available in various forms: from multiple choice, text, numbers only, matrix, and rating scale. A really handy feature is the ability to create templates and re-use these as they are or create modified versions. One of the most tedious tasks is having to review all the responses. Fortunately, with Exelsys, you can get real time reporting of the meticulously analyzed responses. 

It is almost impossible to keep track of employee expenses through manual processes, therefore, without real time visibility into these expenses. This is how a central cloud solution saves the day by relieving you from the administrative hassle that this entails. With Exelsys, employees can instantly enter their expense claims, statements, receipts, and invoices from any device and at any currency. Managers are also able to create the necessary approval workflows which can be custom made to the rules of each company. For more complex expenses, there is the option of analyzing these using Project Task and, also, export the expense transactions to Excel for more effective monitoring.  

If your organization is an international company that operates in different countries, hence, has to comply with each country’s legal framework, Exelsys Payroll Sync technology is the ideal solution. This technology helps you to consolidate different payrolls while your local currency can be automatically converted to any other currency without, however, removing the original values. At the same time, employees can access their payroll details and payslips from Exelsys Self-Service. 

With Exelsys, HR professionals are equipped with the right tools to handle employee information in the most optimum manner. More specifically, what are generally regarded as time consuming and tiresome processes can now become automated, streamlined and centralized. Furthermore, the management has access to useful features that create real-time reports and graphics for having a clear overview of each department’s issues and progress. Overall, with this system, organizations are enabled to invest in their greatest asset, that is, their people. 

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