Why you should choose NetU for digitizing your business

23 June, 2020


Digital transformation is becoming more and more relevant for companies these days. For your journey to this digital tomorrow, NetU can be your greatest ally.

With recent developments, most companies are looking into ways to digitally transform their companies with the use of new technologies and digital business solutions. Digital transformation is gradually becoming the norm, so starting now is a good idea as it will get you a head start.

What does digitize business processes mean?

Digitizing your processes means switching to a paperless environment and using technology to speed up your processes. Smart software management systems such as CRMs and ERPs can help you automate your processes, save time, and reduce costs.

Digitization has many benefits. These are the most important:

  • It creates new channels with customers
  • It streamlines decision-making
  • It encourages motivation and collaboration
  • It skyrockets productivity
  • It provides opportunities for business and cultural growth

Digitization: the first step to digital transformation journey 

Digital transformation is different from digitization in that it serves as the final result of your digitization efforts and it entails a more integrated implementation of technology for both internal and outward-facing processes. It requires having a digital culture that is open to and willing to accept novel technologies and innovative ideas.

Why NetU?

Since its inception in 1991, NetU has been empowering businesses in Cyprus, Greece and abroad to reap the benefits of new technologies and smart business tools. This has led the company to earn the trust of the world’s top leaders in digital business solutions. Currently, NetU is the provider of the world’s top digital business solutions in Cyprus and Greece: Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite, the world’s top CRM and ERP software, respectively.

NetU has developed a reputation of specialized integrator that caters to the needs of organizations of all sizes. The company distinguishes itself amid numerous competitors in several aspects. First, the company possesses a loyal workforce that has extensive experience in project implementation. Second, the top-notch Business Solutions offered can create a whole new experience for your clients, empowering you to upgrade your legacy systems and business processes. Third, the company is favourite among public and private organizations due to its track record of accomplishing complex and mission-critical projects for almost three decades.  Team NetU’s expertise in blending your business requirements, time management, and budget for on-time implementation of innovative solutions can help you towards your digital transformation journey.  

Committed to the timely and successful completion of clients’ projects, NetU focuses on understanding your business goals before recommending you a solution. Through this process, NetU can recommend a new improved way of doing things based on modern best practices. This includes automated operations, streamlined mission-critical processes, and real-time visibility to their business processes via dashboards, analytics and KPIs.

Take your business into the digital world with the help of NetU

Without a doubt, digital transformation can be highly beneficial for your business. In a time of increased uncertainty and economic volatility, NetU’s digital business solutions can help you minimize any negative effects on your business.

For this reason, contact us to get more information about our products and services and how these can help your business grow.