Transform, Innovate & Modernize your Transport & Distribution business

22 September, 2021


The fast-paced changes in technology are impacting a number of sectors, including the transportation and distribution industry. Learn more!

A global demand for transport is expected to rise further in the next few decades. As a result, competition among companies within the transport market continually grows, with every company trying to expand its customer base as much as possible. This, however, brings a number of complications and obstacles, such as cyclical markets and the constant appearance of strong competitors.

The fast-paced changes in technology are impacting a number of sectors, including the transportation and distribution industry. These technological advancements certainly bring about new opportunities but, simultaneously, can prove to be very challenging, that is, if companies fail to adapt to the changes that render the international market so competitive. What companies should definitely implement is data driven insights to reduce costs and expedite transport and delivery, hence, to keep up with digitized omnichannel supply chain.

At the outset, transportation and logistics companies need to replace aging accounting systems that rely on problematic and inefficient spreadsheets with a fully integrated platform to connect front and back offices together. With NetSuite cloud ERP, your business is enabled to streamline processes, consolidate your books, and check key metrics in order to make the right decisions and use innovate methods as the key to success.

With regard to distribution operations, there are several practical ways to help you manage your tasks and processes efficiently, reduce handling costs, and, overall, run your warehouse in the most optimal manner.   Specifically, NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows you to implement industry leading tools and practices, such as RF devices, putaway and picking strategies, and user driven customization defining strategies.  Furthermore, it also offers advanced capabilities like wave management, cartonization, cycle count planning, real time inventory updates, and integration with shipping systems.

NetU, due to its 20 years of experience within the industry, provides solutions with the right technology, such as overhaul aging systems with game-changing financials that will transform your transportation or logistics business and ensure its success and subsequent growth. At the same time, NetSuite’s solutions help you modernize your systems to such an extent that your transportation and logistics company not only meets but even exceeds the consumers’ needs and demands. With NetSuite’ s platform, a system built for the 21st century, you can integrate with other cloud leaders and be ahead of your competition at all times.

NetSuite’s SuiteFlow, in particular, offers customized automated solutions that can adjust to your company’s unique requirements. Also, you can have the control of your business processes by using supply chain portals for your vendor, customer, and sales partners. Finally, elevate your customers’ experience with an omni-channel approach so that your customers can reach you either online, or by phone and email at any time, from anywhere. 

For effectively controlling and administering your company, hence for becoming one of the leading businesses in your industry, it is crucial that you invest in sophisticated solutions and services than will significantly improve all operations.

If you want to stand out from your competitors and be one of the best organizations in the transportation and distribution industry, visit NetU’s website and contact our expert consultants for more information on our solutions.