Top Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

12 August, 2020


Digital transformation is a journey each company should take to evolve. Here are some of the trends predicted for the coming months to help you plan yours.

Over the last few decades, we have seen some amazing innovations, with new technologies being developed that can benefit all of society. For the business world, that means more advanced systems that can save time, increase profits, and improve so many areas from telecommunications to stock control. While some businesses embrace change and move forward into the new digital era, others may have been more reluctant and that’s totally understandable.

If you find new technology confusing you may not be able to envisage the benefits, you may be wary of spending money and making the wrong choices, and perhaps you’re concerned that your employees won’t take to a new system or new processes. However, one thing we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, is that we need digital transformation asap, and people are very good at adapting.

Digital transformation is a different journey for every company. It’s important to plan yours to suit your own business’ needs. Here are some of the trends predicted for the coming months. Will your business take advantage of them?

Wi-Fi that’s faster than ever

Slow Wi-Fi will become a hindrance of the past with Wi-Fi 6 bringing the fastest ever speeds to homes and businesses alike. These days, we have so many connected devices and Wi-Fi needs to keep up with this continually increasing demand for simultaneous connectivity and the streaming of large amounts of data.

Analytics become even more important

It’s fair to say that analytics has quickly surpassed the ‘nice-to-have’ phase and is now becoming essential for any business, not just to stay ahead of the pack, but simply to survive in an increasingly competitive world. So much data is available to you these days, thus it’s vital to make the very most of it, using it to your advantage.

5G – more than just phones

5G is the big news of the year and while it’s going to transform the mobile phone networks giving us faster internet access and far better network connectivity, the effects of 5G are also much more far-reaching and will have an impact across a wide range of technologically based industries.

AI brings a valuable extra angle to analytics

AI goes hand in hand with analytics to give you a system that’s fast, powerful, and intuitive. AI is getting better and better all the time, with increased accuracy we can rely on, to give us those much-needed insights into our business, and a glimpse into the future.

The focus goes beyond the technologies

All these technological developments are going to have knock-on benefits in other areas. Customer experience will be a real focus this year as improved technologies bring about greater possibilities to enhance user experiences. Security and privacy issues will continue to be a headline issue. With people increasingly concerned about their online data, those businesses with strong and transparent security policies will stand out from the crowd. Finally, Everything-as-a-Service will continue to grow and become a standard model in many more situations.

You’re not alone…  NetU is on your side

The digital transformation of your business may seem daunting, but it’s a vital move forward into a more modern world that will keep your business competitive. NetU specializes in ensuring businesses achieve their digital transformation goals and is there to advise and help you every step of the way. To move your business into a new digital era, do get in touch – contact us to find out