The transformation of sales and marketing worldwide: the new era, the impact and the challenges ahead

09 December, 2020


There have been some huge changes in the world lately. Life will not be the same, thus every individual and business will have to move forward into a new world.

There have certainly been some huge changes in the world lately. COVID-19 seems to have had an impact on just about every aspect of our lives. Things we used to take for granted such as face to face meetings, travel and simply shopping, have all altered, and while hopefully, some of our old ways will return, life will never be quite the same again and every individual and business will have to move forward into a new world. Of course, the world transitions anyway, and the changes to the way products and services are sold and marketed would likely have come about regardless, it’s just that COVID-19 has made the transformation more necessary, perhaps much sooner than would ordinarily have been required.   

A new online generation  

As the Millennial generation become adults with an increased spending power, it becomes ever more important to give this generation what they want. Old style marketing and sales strategies are simply less effective. It’s important to market specifically to individuals, to engage with customers and offer value. Simply having the lowest prices is not the key to capture this market, they want a blend of good price along with good value and a personalised service. Social selling is now big business, particularly at the moment with such a huge increase in online versus high street spending. 

A new set of skills is required  

Many businesses use tried and tested SEO techniques to promote their business, but as times change, the effectiveness of these methods becomes lessened, and so it’s important to keep ahead of the game and understand the methods that work today, not simply what worked well before.  

For example, Google are keen to ensure that content ranked highly in their search engine is legitimate and relevant, so they are constantly changing their rules with regards to this. This of course benefits all of us, we all utilise search engines, but many business owners are unaware of the changes and so are spending time promoting their products or services in a manner that is now outdated and ineffective. 

Modern sales and marketing teams are vital  

It’s now very important that anyone involved in sales or marketing keeps up to date with the latest trends and techniques in this often-changing environment. For success in these areas, a team member needs to have an excellent understanding of content generation, a large social media following and a high SSI (Social Selling Index) score, thus showing that they are actively involved with the digital universe. For businesses focused on social selling, sales are increasing rapidly, showing that this is now a profitable technique for a modern era.  

Now is the time to move forward  

These changes are inevitable, so it’s important not to get stuck in our ways and be left behind. Those businesses that will be able to thrive and grow in such difficult times will be those that can adapt quickly to a changing world. With the right tools to help you, moving forward doesn’t need to be scary or complicated. Indeed, it could open up some great opportunities for you and your business, and with tools such as Salesforce, you could gain an insight and discover ways to move forward that could transform your marketing techniques and thus boost sales

It isn’t just a case of building on your current strategies, or even about creating entirely new marketing and sales strategies, it’s about more than that. Data comes into play in a huge way. Gathered data, dealt with and interpreted in the right manner is a highly valuable tool that can confirm whether your strategies are working and give ideas for the future. A constant process of assessment based on reports created by powerful software such as NetSuite is ultimately going to ensure your business makes the very most of its workforce, product or service potential, and its customer base. 

NetU is a leading Partner of Salesforce and is here to discuss with you just how your business could easily integrate and take advantage of this system. Do get in touch soon to begin the journey into a future that’s certainly inevitable, but could also well be bright!