Signs that show you’re about to lose a customer and how to prevent it

15 December, 2022


How do you know when a customer is feeling unhappy, and you’re at risk of losing their business? Here are some signs to be on the lookout for… 

Getting customers is no easy task. You’ve worked hard making sure your website is user-friendly, your products or services are excellent, and so you’ve gained customers. That’s amazing, but keeping customers, and ensuring they become regular, repeat customers is a whole other ball game. It’s tricky to keep track of every individual customer, so how do you know when a customer is feeling unhappy, and you’re at risk of losing their business? Here are some signs to be on the lookout for… 

They lodge a complaint 

Perhaps the most obvious way to tell if someone is unhappy with your business is if they put in a complaint. But this is also the best sign, as it gives you an opportunity to put things right. If you act fast, do all you can to rectify the problem, and exceed their expectations, you have the chance to keep your customer.  

They don’t respond to you 

All was going well, but you suddenly find your customer unresponsive. They don’t reply to your emails, so you try to call, but they don’t answer or return your calls. It’s important to avoid this situation by keeping in regular contact and giving opportunities for grievances to be aired. 

They compare you to others 

It can be tough when a customer points out the advantages a competitor may have over you, but it’s vital not to go on the defensive. See if you can iron out the problems. Can you offer a deal that’s as attractive as that of the competition? 

They’ve unsubscribed from your mailings 

People unsubscribe for a variety of reasons. It’s important to offer an easy method of unsubscribing, but by also requesting a reason at the point where they unsubscribe, you can gain invaluable insight into the problem. It may be something you can easily rectify with a phone call. 

Determining the problems 

If you’ve spotted the signs that you might be about to lose a customer, you need to find out why and act fast. These days, people have high expectations when it comes to customer service. They expect consistency across all channels, and they want communication to be simple and fast. Nowadays, personalisation is key, and customers expect this tailored service. Of course, there may be other issues at play, such as uncompetitive pricing or a lack of quality marketing processes. Determine the reasons, and you’re in a good place to put things right, retaining your current customers and attracting new ones.  

Utilising Salesforce to boost customer satisfaction 

Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool offering a suite of solutions tailored to ensuring your customers remain happy. Using advanced data analysis techniques, at-risk customers can be identified early. By implementing both qualitative and quantitative approaches to pinpoint potential customer loss, pain points can be located and fixed before any damage is done. Basically put, the happiest customers are those who have their problems solved before they even happen, and this monitoring and pre-empting process is where Salesforce excels.   

NetU and Salesforce offer the ultimate solution 

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