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08 September, 2021


Companies need to be familiar with the changing market’s trends in order to expand and achieve the maximum of their potential. Learn more!

Undeniably, sales leaders should provide constant training to their sales reps in order to expand their current skills and be up to date with new methods, hence, thrive in today’s fast-paced and demanding sales environment. One of the most important skills that sales leaders should have is to be able to take the necessary actions so that they work in the most efficient manner for their business, utilizing the right processes and tools for managing risks and, effectively, achieving revenue maximization.

Primarily, the key to success is doing your job well. However, for this to be possible, you need to focus on just a few things a time so that you allow sufficient time for each assigned account and task. For having the required time to perform well, you also need to consider how to actually save time from purposeless tasks. For example, with an intelligent, data driven approach, you can use predictive insights to forecast which deals might get pushed to into the next quarter. This will allow you to take the necessary steps and close deals with high future in the current quarter. In this way, no sales opportunities are overlooked while high revenue is achieved.

The secret to success is simple: prioritize! First, you need to have a clear idea of your accounts, their current revenue, and future potential. Then, focus in the accounts whose potential will increase revenue. For these accounts, a meticulous strategic action plan with key sales goals and objectives is essential in order to exploit all potential business opportunities. Invest, therefore, on an integrated tool that will help you monitor account progress and performance through constant, real-time access to data and insights with regard to marketing, sales, and service. Salesforce is most useful for this purpose as you can use it to track account based marketing initiatives, pipeline metric and growth, and potential service challenges and opportunities.

While there might be several opportunities in the market, a business needs to constantly update and upgrade its systems and processes for reducing costs and saving time. In order to decide which systems and tools are actually helpful, it is helpful to first list those used in the sale process. Then, you should consider how to elevate your sales process by eliminating the tools and systems that are not actually worthwhile while inventing on other, more effective and technologically advanced ones.

On the other hand, what can be disastrous for a business is the inability for proper risk management. There are many ways to ensure that business risk is minimized while gaining new customers, hence, succeeding revenue growth. For reducing risks, it is vital that talented sales employees are happy and do not seek to leave the company. Also, tools that help you predict which customers are at risk of defecting are very beneficial.  Finally, a company’s reputation is everything, especially how it deals with its customers and potential issues that may arise in challenging times. Effective headcount reduction strategies, for example, should be implemented, which give you a clear idea of the necessary data for taking the right decision. After all, short-term headcount reductions are actually both unproductive and not as cost-effective as they might seem at first glance.  

Companies need to be familiar with the changing market’s trends in order to not only survive but also expand and achieve the maximum of their potential, albeit the extra challenges brought by these difficult times. Salesforce provides sales leaders with the necessary tools for meeting each one of their goals and even setting higher ones!

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