Overcoming the most common digital transformation challenges

08 July, 2020


Digital Transformation is highly beneficial for companies, but it also poses some challenges. Read our latest article to learn how to address them.

As we gradually move towards a digital reality, the need for adopting and implementing strategies that will promote digital transformation is becoming more and more relevant for companies. Although highly beneficial, digital transformation does pose some challenges that company CEOs need to address. Here are the most common ones based on a survey sponsored by Jabil, a leading manufacturing solutions provider.

Employee Pushback

Digital Transformation offers many benefits, but none of them will be realized when there is what is called ‘Employee Resistance to Change’. The employees who display this kind of behaviour should not be heavily criticized, as disrupting a human routine is more than normal to cause dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, managers can still alleviate these negative reactions by engaging employees throughout the process, while being transparent and honest. This way, employees will have a clear understanding of future goals and everybody will join forces to achieve them.

Not having a Digital Transformation strategy

Let’s be clear. Not having a strategy is not only bad for digital transformation but for all major life decisions, too. To facilitate the implementation of digital transformation, you need to set a vision and clear goals to reach, while giving your whole team a purpose is essential too. In successfully implementing digital transformation, the whole company must be on board, not just an isolated department unit just like most companies do according to a recent survey, which shows that 38 % of companies surveyed have an individual business unit or product line leading the digital transformation for their organization.

Lack of technological experience

Digital transformation, although highly beneficial, requires the right resources, that is human resources, for a successful implementation. That doesn’t necessarily mean new hires, although this could be one way of supplementing the lack of knowledge and expertise that inhibits the change. The other way could be to train your existing employees on new technologies and offer them the right knowledge to handle them.

Organizational Structure getting in the way

In long-established companies, with well-rooted processes and procedures, flexibility and adaptability might be the root cause of some irritation. It all goes back to the routines which were mentioned above. However, just because a certain person is appointed to doing things in a certain way doesn’t mean this should not change. Digital transformation requires companies to drop institutionalized routines and be flexible.

Budgetary constraints

It’s all about the money, right? Well, not quite. The importance of money should not be overestimated. It goes without saying, that money is needed to implement the changes for digital transformation to take place, but one should not be held back by low financial resources and abandon the idea completely. Instead, they should develop a business plan that involves several phases over several years, if that’s what is needed.

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