NetSuite: Finance is evolving, are you?

27 October, 2021


Learn the top four leading trends that are currently observed within the financial industry.

The drastic technological advances that have been taking place in the past years have shaped the future of many industries, including the financial sector, which keeps adapting to the constantly evolving financial technology, or “fintech”, and innovation. While in the past financial services commonly belonged to the back office of a company, this seems to be changing and have been gradually gaining a leading role to the company’s functions. In this article, we will refer to the top four leading trends that are currently observed within the financial industry.

As the rate of globalization increases so does the financial services sector expand to the international world and continuously enriches its customer base with clients from many different countries and continents. Hence, it is essential that the technology used facilitates global operations in order for businesses to perform the required financial tasks and match customer demands. For example, regulatory requirements for specific countries should be implemented so as to ensure a level of consistency when dealing with financial information across different organizations.

At the same time, not only customers should feel satisfied and content with a company but also employees. This is how a company can retain its talents, precisely by keeping them motivated and making sure that employee experience is regularly developed and enriched. This can be accomplished with the use of certain technology that will allow employees to complete their assigned tasks and duties with ease of use, flexibility, and scalability.

What truly enhances user experience is automation. Specifically, there are many tools and solutions that automate processes that used to be performed manually, hence were time consuming, tiresome, and prone to errors. The organizations that have started applying automation processes have noted a number of significant benefits such us, cost savings, more effective decision making, and greater productivityWe have experienced first hand this change during an on-site visit to a financial institution with automated intake process and commented how this has enabled the respective bank to do more value-driven work, due to the extra recourses that they now have.

NetSuite, with its unified cloud-based enterprise resource planning platform, allows organizations to have a centralized data source that enables them to incorporate data from finance with other departments and have an end-to-end view of real-time data. Due to the constant access to real time analytics, decision making not only becomes easier but much more effective.

The financial services sector needs to keep up with the modernization and evolution of financial technology. Thus, it is vital for companies to follow the latest trends that influence this industry for attaining continuous progress and growth.

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