Make the New Year Easier for your Team with ERP

15 December, 2021


NetSuite ERP allows business users to build their own innovative solutions and become active part of the process cycles. Learn more!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to a system that uses suites of business modules to integrate business data in a centralized database, offering in this way a more effective operation and process management. More and more companies have started using this business solution as digital transformation is currently on the rise.

The most important benefit of ERP is that it has a unified platform for everyone, hence, it offers data integration. By having a single source of truth, better insight is allowed, since all data is visible to every department. To this end, employees save valuable time from having to obtain information from other departments, converting data to a format they can use, or ensuring that data is up-to-date indeed. Effectively, managers have the time and information to make more informed decisions in an easy and timely manner.

Notably, the deployment of ERP makes work significantly faster, due to a number of reasons. First, by having real-time visibility, in other words, having instant access to information from anywhere and anytime, has turned all operations and processes much more effective and immediate. At the same time, the fact that the once fragmented data has become integrated allows the creation of additional sales channels which can benefit from a unified order combined with integrated accounting management processes. Hence, accelerated growth is achieved, since employees now have access to information tools that they previously did not.

Finally, business users have the opportunity to adjust the processes and applications to their own needs and requirements, enhancing the overall business performance while leaving room for building innovative value-added solutions.

ERP system offers superior planning and reporting by enabling businesses to have a very thorough insight in every function and process. This is because having everything under a unified system allows a better monitoring of processes and operations, hence, makes planning straightforward and effective. Simultaneously, reports with all necessary information can be generated in no time and without the need to revise them, providing each organization with the right information, for example with regard to financial or inventory data, helping in this way regulatory compliance as well.

When there is visibility, transparency, and collaboration among the different departments and employees of a company, there is very little room for misunderstandings and conflicts. Due to the fact that ERP assumes the role of a database in the form of a single centralized hub, the different departments can easily collaborate, help each other, and share information, thus, workload and possible mistakes that may occur from lack of understanding is significantly reduced.

Last but not least, although clients are not directly involved in ERP solutions, the results will certainly keep them satisfied and boost their loyalty to the organization. Since ERP solutions drastically improve speed and accuracy, customers are also happier. In effect, with enhanced customer relationships, employees are also affected and enabled to create an even stronger relationship with their customers. Along with the fact that data is gathered together, customer service is also improved since response time becomes much quicker. As a result, employees have the time and mindset to think of new ways and strategies to keep their customers even more satisfied.

Netsuite offers intelligent solutions that can hold all corporate data in a single database so that businesses have access to real time key performance metrics. Data integration, therefore, automates end to end processes, offering a number of benefits to its users, such as more effective processes across the organization, improved visibility, time and cost effective solutions, and accelerated growth. Simultaneously, NetSuite ERP allows business users to build their own innovative solutions and become active part of the process cycles. Each company can customize its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution in order to meet its unique demands and requirements with this one of a kind software application.

If you want to learn more about how NetSuite can help your organization to implement an ERP system, feel free to contact NetU, the sole provider of NetSuite in Cyprus and Greece. Our experts can assist you with all your queries and consult you on every aspect of your business. Also, you can visit our website for more information or contact us via phone or email.