Make the most out of your Salesforce experience by eliminating dirty data

25 August, 2020


With a little extra effort, you can ensure that Salesforce is even more useful to you by eliminating dirty data in your system.

Salesforce is a very powerful customer relationship management tool with a well-deserved great reputation. Giving businesses the advantage over their competitors, worldwide companies are implementing Salesforce and reaping the rewards, but, with a little extra effort, you can ensure that Salesforce is even more useful to you, giving even more accurate information if you eliminate dirty data in your system.

So, what exactly is dirty data?

By dirty data, we’re talking about bad data. Why would data be bad? Well, there are several reasons why particular data may be useless, or misleading. The data could be simply inaccurate. It could be out of date, missing important aspects, or it could be duplicate data. You could have leftover test data in your system or data that is invalid due to being ported over from a historic system. However, it got there, it needs to be checked out, and here’s how…

Assess your data

Be clear on exactly what data is useful to you. Ensure that you know exactly where the data is coming from, and what is being done with it once it hits your system. Be sure to check for duplicate data and eliminate it to avoid skewing any analysis. Be aware of where data is missing or incomplete and look to filling those holes. There are special tools you can use to clean the dirty data from your Salesforce CRM, so these could also be of use to you, but of course, any tool should be used with caution.

Organise your data

Restructuring and centralising your data could pay dividends in the long run. If you have other data systems or applications, then it’s important to integrate these with your Salesforce system to get the full picture.

Improve your collection techniques

Specific people should be designated as data managers so ownership is clear and the data is held to be an important aspect of the business that must be maintained. It’s important to monitor the processes and apply all necessary validation rules, to avoid dirty data creeping back into the system. Your clean data will certainly give you a good advantage, and provide information that you can trust and rely on.

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