How your business can benefit from NetSuite Data Warehouse

28 September, 2022


NetSuite Analytics Warehouse constitutes an effective prebuilt, cloud based warehouse and analytics solution that reduces your company’s dependence on IT.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse constitutes a very effective prebuilt, cloud based warehouse and analytics solution that reduces, or even eliminates, your company’s dependence on IT for building and running your own analyses and, effectively, enables you to lower your total cost of ownership. This solution can consolidate multiple sources of data, such as NetSuite data, CSV files, and other business system data. Additionally, it drives actionable insights through Oracle Analytics Cloud while it is powered by the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

What is particularly practical with NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is that you can use supplied data pipelines and NetSuite data objects to automatically connect your NetSuite environment to the analytics warehouse.  Notably, through the built-in extract, your NetSuite and external data can be easily combined in a straightforward manner. At the same time, you can break down silos and implement a transform and load (ETL) process. Thus, in essence, you gain the ability to manage multiple sources of data and explore all your data in order to identify trends, patterns, and outliers to promote collaboration among your teams and enhance business processes. What is more, the consolidation of business data into a single business intelligent solution from one vendor is also possible, adding value to the organization by increasing efficiency and maximizing information use. At the same time, this solution provides you with maximum security through the features of transparent data encryption, multifactor access control, user and user group data restrictions, and database activity monitoring. Remarkably, the performance of all departments is significantly improved as you have the option of drilling down from KPIs and charts into transaction-level analytical reports that allow you to meticulously examine critical business information for optimum decision taking. Simultaneously, the reliance spreadsheets for multiple sources of data, which is a prone to error process, is eliminated. What is also timesaving is the automatic chart narration and presentation-ready visualizations that can be exported directly to a number of popular formats such as PDF, PNG and Excel. In this way, your reports and presentations are prepared instantly, leaving you with extra time to deal with what is really important for attaining business success.

One of the most important benefits of this solution is that it allows you to measure and assess business performance in an effective and comprehensive manner. Specifically, by collecting and combining data from multiple sources, a collaborative spirit among different departments is nurtured. Hence, organizational decisions can be taken much more quickly, efficiently, and easily. Notably, with this solution’s in-app collaboration and annotation, self-service data discovery, extensive visualization library, and decision making have never been so effective. What is important to highlight is that NetSuite Analytics Warehouse offers the option of personalized insights according to role-based views. This allows you to organize your insights with decks, cards, and dashboards. Another crucial advantage is the ability to analyze large datasets at great speeds through the use of analytics cloud platform. In this way, you can rapidly and promptly answer any business questions, enhancing analytical performance. Notably, you can customize and extend this solution in order to augment your data analysis capabilities by adding custom fields and multiple data sources. Overall, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse guarantees rapid deployment by offering prebuilt, multidimensional NetSuite data objects with managed data pipelines, giving rapid access to valuable insights in an affordable manner. All these features and benefits enable you to perform accurate data collection so as to achieve the most effective strategic decision-making that lead to business growth and success.

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