How to Make Your Customers Love your Company

28 October, 2020


Modern customers are ever more demanding, while customer feedback becomes even more impactful. Learn how to make your customers love your company.

The way we deal with businesses has drastically changed over recent years and continues to do so. Modern customers are ever more demanding, with the opportunity to take their pick of products or services from businesses around the globe. Customer feedback becomes more far reaching and impactful with comments both positive and negative reaching a wider audience than ever before across social media and online review sites. With these high expectations in a digital age we must advance our businesses to meet them.

  • Take the personal approach
    It is the small things that can make a big difference. The way in which you interact with your customers reflects on your business. Be personable, be a face and a name rather than just a company. Take the effort to address your customers by their name. In correspondence, whether it be via email or social media, take a friendly approach. Find that line that sits perfectly between professional, and friendly and approachable.

  • Good manners costs nothing
    If a customer is grumpy and has a complaint, they’ve likely built themselves up into a bad mood even before they contacted you. Your job is to be patient, to let them put forward their case, then calmly and efficiently make the circumstances better, doing all you can to make the customer happy and rectify the issue.
  • Be honest
    If you make a mistake, be honest, admit up to it, apologise and put it right. Never delete any bad feedback on your social media feed. This looks like you have something to hide. Instead, respond politely and try to make the situation better.

  • Feedback is useful
    All feedback is important, but bad feedback is arguably more important as it gives you the opportunity to improve, whereas positive feedback only allows you to know you are on the right track. Gathering extra information via surveys or social media or through focus groups can give you a great insight into your business from a customer perspective. If you do implement a feature or make changes based on a customer’s request or comment, why not let them know you’ve done that, and thank them for their contribution?

  • Carry it forward
    Past customers have already put their faith in your business, and hopefully they were very happy with the service. Rewarding customers with bonus services, discounts and offers is a great way to encourage repeat business. 
  • Be careful when making changes
    People get used to things being done a certain way, and that’s no different for your customers. Changes will doubtless need to be made as time goes by, whether that’s an update to your website or a change to a delivery system, but make changes slowly and methodically, announce them ahead of schedule, and be sure that the changes are the right move for your business before you make them.

  • Use CRM technology to your advantage
    A CRM platform such as the world-leading Salesforce CRM gives you some amazing advantages when it comes to improving your customer service. With Salesforce you can offer each and every customer a unique service tailored just to them with personalised marketing. You’ll gain insights that will help you to understand your customer base and adapt to their needs.

  • Contact NetU for more information
    We have been working as a Salesforce Partner since 2014. Our specialised staff members are experts in Salesforce and are here to answer any questions you may have regarding the system. If you’d like to move your business and your clients’ satisfaction to the next level, don’t hesitate to get in touch.