How small and medium business sales teams can lead with compassion

10 February, 2021


Find six ways in which your business can take a step forward with a more caring and compassionate outlook.

Times have certainly changed lately. Everyone is living differently, and the world is not the place we’ve been used to. From individuals to entire businesses, we have had to adapt. For small and medium businesses, it’s a time for rethinking strategies. Our business practices have had to change, sometimes very dramatically, in order to keep our businesses strong, and to satisfy the changing needs of our customers. Now more than ever, it’s important for sales teams to project the caring and compassionate side of your business.  

Right now, there is so much uncertainty. We’re limited in what we can do, and our world feels as if it has got smaller. Many of us are working from home, we can’t socialise with friends and family like we used to and so everyone needs as much positivity in their lives as possible. That’s why these days, it’s so important for sales teams to be more engaging, more positive, and to show compassion.  

Here are six ways in which your business can take a step forward with a more caring and compassionate outlook… 

1. Understand 

Most businesses are going through changes at the moment. Some may be finding it hard to adjust, times could be tougher than usual. Take the time to check in with your clients, a few moments of discussion regarding how things are going can be invaluable to both parties. Whether it’s on a personal or a business level, this connection can go a long way to showing the compassion within your company.  

2. Be helpful 

Try to think of positive ways you can help your customers. There may now be different ways in which your services can benefit your clients. Ask questions so you can be your most helpful.  

3. Look inwards to your team 

Of course, your own team are also worthy of your compassion, so be sure to keep in touch with your sales team too. Make sure they’re happy with all the changes that are no doubt underway, and ensure they feel safe in their work, and that they’re getting enough down time. A happy sales team is certainly the most productive sales team. 

4. Be innovative 

It’s unlikely you’ll be calling on your clients in person, or attending conferences, so why not come up with some new ways to get your products or services in front of potential customers? An online seminar, or even a fun event for your clients such as virtual wine tasting or a quiz. Building a sense of community is invaluable in these times.  

5. Offer flexible financing 

With greater financial challenges, and a level of uncertainty, it can be very helpful to be more flexible regarding finance than you perhaps have been in the past. A rethink of your pricing strategies may be worthwhile right now.  

6. Choose the right software solutions  

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