How NetU’s digital solutions can help your business grow

21 April, 2020


NetU allows businesses of all types and all sizes to get the very best from the latest technologies and reap the rewards.

How NetU’s digital solutions can help your business grow

Since 1991, businesses across Greece and Cyprus have chosen NetU for their advanced IT solutions and services. NetU allows businesses of all types and all sizes to get the very best from the latest technologies and reap the rewards. Highly experienced, you can rely on NetU to provide the perfect solutions your business needs, and ensure your business receives a high level of service from the planning stages, through implementation and with quality ongoing support.

How NetU can help your business

NetU offers a wide range of solutions to suit all businesses. Let’s take a closer look at how some of these solutions could be of huge benefit to your own business…

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is the world’s top CRM platform, offered exclusively in Cyprus and Greece by NetU. Salesforce allows you to automate any business process and share files from external sources. Real time forecasting and mobile working are great for convenience and time saving. In addition, Salesforce gives you some amazing new highly targeted marketing opportunities.

Oracle NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is a cost-effective solution that’s both fast and easy to use. It’s a great tool for getting all your disparate data in one place to make most effective use of it, and to automate processes from end to end. With a customizable real-time dashboard, you can make beneficial business decisions faster.

Infor Sunsystems FMS

With Infor, you can add vital flexibility to your financial management system, functionality that has been lacking in traditional FMSs. You’ll have the ability to redefine the system as and when you want or need to, as strategies and the environment change and evolve. Business needs are constantly changing, and your FMS needs to change with them. Infor gives you the ideal solution.

Incadea Dealer Management System

Created specifically for the automotive retail industry, Incadea is a next generation dealer management solution making future growth possibilities endless. With an emphasis on reducing costs, improving efficiency and rapid response, this software can transform standard operational outlets into innovative sales networks.  With Indadea, you will be able to resolve issues before your profits are affected, and optimise processes to reduce costs.

Exelsys HCM

Created and designed specifically to provide all HR professionals with the necessary tools to automate, streamline and centralise employee data and processes across all departments, Exelsys connect employees across geographical locations and places, while offering multicurrency and multilingual facilities to anyone working on it. Through its powerful analytical tools, you can generate real-time reports and graphics, while also building a useful platform for your strategic planning, ensuring that your business maximises the possibilities and capabilities of its human resource, its people.

Being prepared is key to future financial solidity

Now is the perfect time to look to the future. While times ahead might be tough, being prepared is key to ensuring your business continues to thrive. With investment in these types of solutions, you can increase customer loyalty and so increase your resilience to economic hardship. To find out more about all the services on offer, please visit the NetU website.