How do CRM systems promote agile working?

30 June, 2021


Salesforce has already adjusted to the fast-changing character of our times, increasing significantly productivity & efficiency. Learn more!

Agile working refers to an iterative approach to software product delivery, which breaks down the project in various stages and iterations. The main feature of agile working is the ease in which it can adapt and respond to change, in every step of the delivery process, eliminating any room for unpredictable issues that may arise. As a result, high value software features are developed, allowing the provision of constant and rapid feedback in order to complete with great success and convenience every project.

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Salesforce has already adjusted to the fast-changing character of our times, increasing significantly productivity and efficiency, by adopting agile processes for CRM Software deployment. For start, going digital certainly helps empowering your team and reaching your company’s goals since you are able to work from anywhere and scale faster on a trusted, intelligent network. Importantly, the scrum framework used for agile development utilizes timeboxes with the duration of your choice as a means to eliminate any uncertainty regarding a project. What is more, with CRM implementation, you can build enterprise-quality apps and provide your teams with the tools to compose apps with clicks or code using responsive components and services.

One of the greatest benefits of agile working in CRM systems is the available frameworks for fast innovative processes. By being able to build insight driven apps connected to your data, your company is certainly benefited, offering engaging customer experiences. This is because teams can deliver more quickly and in a more efficient manner through deploying faster and more secure applications that implement DevOps and open technologies on a platform that can be even by non-developers. The Salesforce platform can certainly protect your sensitive customer data, due to that fact that it is designed with built-in security and meets all compliance regulations, giving you the confidence to build on its platform. With a scaled agile framework, the customer can integrate disparate systems and data sources with API-led services and event-based interactions. Another important feature is the AI function (Einstein language and bots), which helps you to automate possible recommendations, explanations and answers to possible inquiries, maximizing in this way productivity.

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Finally, the customer’s teams can collaborate effectively under a unified governance model and tools. The low-code tools enhance the members’ skills and allows them to deliver the right information at the right time, through secure apps, automated processes, customized pages and personalized experiences for every user.

You do not have to be a developer to use the Salesforce Platform, create apps to automate business process and, at the same time, enhance customer satisfaction. If you want to meet every customer’s individual needs and business requirements, while being able to face all challenges, visit NetU‘s website and contact our experts for more information about Salesforce’s products and services.