How digital transformation can ensure your business continuity in times of crisis

12 May, 2020


There is a way to ensure your business continues to operate as usual and even grows during times of crisis. This way is called digital transformation.

As Covid-19 continues to affect our everyday lives, new questions seem to arise all the time. With regards to business, these might be: ‘What can I do to help my company survive the crisis?’, ‘Do I need to change my processes to adjust to the current situation?’, ‘Can digital transformation help my business?’. All these questions seem to baffle CEOs and Managers. Yet, there is a way to ensure your business rises above the storm, continues to operate as usual, and even grows. This way is called, in simple words, digital transformation.

What is digital transformation?

Before looking at the ways with which digital transformation helps companies during times of crisis, it is useful to provide a definition of digital transformation. Digital transformation is the use of digital technology in all areas of a business aiming to provide additional value to customers and streamline business processes. It’s also a cultural change and shift based on new technologies and forward-thinking. Here’s how it can help your business.

Creates a better customer experience

In times of crisis, you need to maintain the trust of old and new customers towards your company. Digital transformation can greatly help you achieve this. For example, CRM software systems, like Salesforce, can track historical client data related to interactions, interests, and engagements, allowing you to cater to your clients’ needs faster and in a more personalized way by offering them products they value and need. This way, your customers are left more satisfied and are more likely to return.

Improves the skillset of your employees

New technology also has a positive effect on the skills of employees, making them more productive and agile, which is exactly what you need to ensure, in case your employees work from home. When employees adapt to new technologies, they gain new skills that enable them to become faster and more efficient. With new skills comes more confidence, improving communication among all departments and their quality of work. An added benefit is the creation of a digital culture that encourages continuous learning amongst the employees and generates new and creative ideas.

Helps you take decisions faster

One of the main drivers of a successful business is the ability to make the right decisions and react to change fast. Digital transformation can be your greatest ally in these efforts through the centralization of data. The centralization of data allows all members of the company to have quick access to a common database and various reports at the click of a button, allowing for a faster and more effective decision-making process.

Improves collaboration

Poor collaboration among departments hinders growth, especially in times of crisis. Digital transformation can help by connecting all the members of a company, granting them access to a common database, and enabling them to communicate more effectively and faster. This improves collaboration between members, even in distance, and it, of course, drives growth.

Keeps you on track with the competition

In response to the recent pandemic worldwide, many companies have already started digitizing their processes. For this reason, the question of whether to embrace digital transformation or not has now turned into a necessity for businesses in order to stay on track with the competition.

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