Give your customers what they really want with Salesforce Customer 360 

22 March, 2022


With Salesforce Customer 360, your team becomes able to respond to your customers’ needs promptly and effectively.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of a company’s success, ensuring steady growth and increase in sales. With Salesforce Customer 360, your team becomes able to respond to your customers’ needs promptly and effectively since all departments and customer data are connected, giving access to a single, shared view of the company’s customer base.  

Salesforce is so much more than just a CRM platform: It effectively unites sales, service, marketing, commerce, IT, and analytics into a single connected system.  This is extremely helpful since customers, by the time they complete their purchase, often have a wide range of data over multiple channels. Due to this, many challenges may arise, such as various usernames, email addresses, and/or product histories. This usually results in treating the same customer as many different ones, rendering the entire shopping journey complex and prone to errors. Customers, on the other hand, expect a consistent experience and not having to deal with the many issues that can make their purchase burdensome.  

Salesforce Customer 360 is the optimum solution to such issues, as it creates a universal customer profile that accompanies the customer at every stage of the purchase, including any after sale transactions or procedures. This is because there is one touchpoint for all aforementioned teams who have the ability to connect to one integrated platform. This way, there is a shared view of customer data, which allows employees to effectively cooperate for delivering personalised experiences, hence, to build trustworthy relationships with satisfied customers. Effectively, this platform offers a customer-centric solution in order for the most informed decisions to be taken as well as the response time to the customer to be improved as much as possible, predicting in this way any new opportunities that may arise and increasing the chances for attaining more customers. Overall, teams can collaborate with great efficiency and work as one from anywhere and anytime since Salesforce lives in the cloud. 

Salesforce helps more than 100,000 organisations to deal with challenges that may hinder their relationship with their customers. More specifically, it is much more efficient than having to deal with time-consuming manual forecasting of data which are maintained outside CRM or with problematic stakeholder integration and/or integrated systems. In contrast, this platform offers great mobile and social adaptability and an excellent sales and marketing journey that is enhanced with high CRM Data Quality and a holistic data-driven customer insight and self-serve analytics. Organisations, therefore, have many benefits after deploying this platform. Some visible gains include: 

  • 50% increase in email conversion 
  • 28% increase in conversion rate 
  • 21% YoY growth 
  • 35% increase in customer satisfaction 

Salesforce assumes the entire digital transformation of organisations in order to optimise customer engagement through increasing each team’s productivity, reducing data silos, and transforming all departments to a unified whole. What is ultimately achieved is a 360-degree view of each customer. If you are interested in this product, NetU, a leading ICT company and pioneer in cloud computing solutions, is a Salesforce partner, offering the solution to businesses and industries. 

For more information on the most beneficial solution for your business acceleration, you can visit our website or contact NetU’s team of experts to give you the best advice or answer your every query.