Digital Transformation and the shift to remote work! 

23 December, 2020


A lot has changed this year. Now we’re finding that with the use of the right tools we can actually work perfectly well from home. Learn more!

A lot has changed this year, that’s for sure. Now we’re finding that many of us actually can work perfectly well from home and with the use of the right tools, there’s really no need for us all to be in the office, or physically next to each other, in order to work well. It’s likely that in an increasingly online world, eventually more and more people would be conducting their business from home, but with COVID-19 forcing many of us to work from home for the first time, it’s as if we’ve been thrust into the future. 

This could be permanent for many 

We’ve all had to adjust to this new way of working. There was no time to plan or make provisions so we’ve had to learn fast, to create work spaces in our homes, and adapt our working methods to accommodate this new regime. We’ve all learnt fast. We’ve discovered that our dining chairs are not comfortable for long periods of time, and that we certainly don’t miss the rush hour commute. Business owners have discovered that with the right technology, communication, collaboration and productivity can all be perfectly managed with staff in remote locations and this has some benefits both for staff and business owners such as reducing the need for physical premises, and cutting out travel time for employees. So, even when COVID-19 is thankfully a distant memory, it could be that many of us remain remote workers.  

Invest in digital solutions now  

So, it is now obvious that investment in solutions that make working remotely easier and more efficient is going to be increasingly important going forward. Many businesses have had to play catch-up quickly to enable remote working, putting in place temporary measures, but now it’s time to assess the situation, see what is needed and implement a robust cloud-based system such as Salesforce, a system that is secure, easy-to-use, and flexible for your own business needs

Customer trust is vital 

With change comes a wariness, and with businesses that are making the move to have a greater, or entirely online presence, it can cause customers to have some concerns. So, it’s important that your business model is adapted to meet consumer expectations, and that customer communications are thorough, timely and transparent. Of course, right now there may be some issues with the service you are able to provide. It may be that you used to have a greater level of stock, or that you were proud of your speedy delivery service but now cannot guarantee this. It’s wise to remember that everyone else is fully aware of the situation and will be experiencing things differently in many ways. Be transparent, explain the changes, explain why they are being made, and most people will understand. These are challenging times and we all have to make allowances.  

Make changes now to stay competitive in these tougher times  

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