Cypriot businesses acknowledge the importance of digital transformation

28 December, 2022


A recent survey conducted by Capacitor Partners in conjunction with IMR/University of Nicosia revealed what we had all suspected.

Digital transformation is in essence the reimagination of a business operation in the new digital era. By utilising the latest innovations in the digital world, businesses can hugely reengineer themselves, making new business models possible and actuallychanginge the way they operate.  

There’s no denying that the digital world has grown rapidly over the last few decades. These days, we can see more and more often industry disruptors that utilize all this dynamic to differentiate and provide the end consumer with a new experience much more attractive and appealing. 

Study Reports Digital Transformation Important for Business Growth 

A recent survey conducted by Capacitor Partners in conjunction with IMR/University of Nicosia found that 96% of businesses believe that digital transformation is important for the sustainability of any business, and 89% of respondents stated that embracing digital technologies brought new opportunities to their business.  

This positivity for moving forward with digital transition is a great attitude that is shared by the majority of the 500 Cypriot businesses involved in the survey, and almost 50% of the respondents declared that they were already using cloud-based solutions, CRM systems or SaaS, and had cybersecurity measures in place.  

How to Best Prepare for Digital Transformation  

Get your team on board 

A massive 92% of those surveyed believed that ensuring staff were trained and ready for digital transformation should be top of the agenda when embracing new technologies. As a business owner, it’s down to you to get your team on board. Sometimes staff can be wary of change, and reluctant to move to new ways of doing things. With a positive attitude and good quality training, your employees can be shown the benefits of transitioning to a new system.  

Make the right choices  

Of course, from the outset, management should be making the best, most informed decisions. There’s little point in rushing in and implementing new systems, only to find they don’t actually do everything you want them to. So, look closely at the available technologies, speak to the providers, and make sure any technologies you implement fulfil all your requirements.  

Look to the future 

Technology changes fast, so it’s wise to have an idea of your future business goals, and to opt for software and systems that are modern and scalable. Implementing new systems costs money, and time, so opting for future-proof technologies is going to prevent future headaches and enable you to keep up with the fast-paced developments that can put your business head and shoulders above the competition.  

Taking your business into the future 

Digital transformation can seem daunting, there’s a lot of amazing technology out there, but choosing what’s right for your business can be tricky. The key is to have the right attitude, and to build a digital-first culture within your workplace. Of course, there’s also plenty of help at hand. NetU has more than 31 years of experience with bringing digital technologies to businesses in Cyprus and beyond helping them reengineer themselves. If you’d like us to help you achieve your digital transformation goals, get in touch to discuss your requirements, or find out more on our website. We’d love to hear from you!