Boost your Warehouse Productivity with NetSuite 

23 February, 2022


Warehouse management can become much easier and timely with the implementation of Warehouse Management System (WMAS) by NetSuite.

Traditionally, warehouse management, particularly inventory handling, has been regarded as a cumbersome, time-consuming,  and complex task, due to all the manual procedures that wholesalers and manufacturers had to deal with: write log-books, document the arrivals, calculate weights, handle the workers, preserve quality, complete the various operations, and many more. Fortunately, warehouse management has become much easier and certainly more timely with the implementation of Warehouse Management System (WMAS) offered by NetSuite, one of the world’s most popular Cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions providers. With this system, warehouse operations are handled much more efficiently, since processes and tasks are streamlined, providing companies with important benefits while enhancing the overall productivity and progress of their business. By eliminating manual processes, handling costs are automatically reduced, and customer expectations effectively met. 

What makes all the difference is that, by using NetSuite’s WMS, the handling of the warehouse’s operations turns tech-enabled. This means that the warehouse’s layout is established while its zones are defined. Notably, the entire management process becomes significantly simpler by simultaneously setting various multiple UPCs codes for the different items available. Also, not only the workers can view their assigned tasks in real time, but these can be also monitored by the management in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Another useful feature for supervisors is the ability to create templates that will allow them to generate and assign cycle counts on-demand. What’s more, WMS can automate ASNs and their related EDI transactions while tracking or monitoring items on the same transaction line, using all units of measurement. The entire process, including receiving, picking, and cycle count, can be arranged through a mobile application, which is very convenient for both workers and managers. In addition, WMS is a flexible and scalable system that has the function of customizing menus and adding as many workflows as needed. 

As aforementioned, inventory handling is very time-consuming and, potentially, a chaotic process. With NetSuite’s WMS, you can use CSV import to automatically distribute inventory data into bins, reducing or even eliminating manual distribution. Furthermore, you can automatically implement each item’s expiry date, according to its shelf life.  What is really convenient is the function of reversing received lines on purchase orders, which can be extended, if you wish, to multiple lines across different purchase orders. By automating the warehouse’s operating processes, items can be effortlessly moved across the various staging locations. Additionally, GS1 and HIBC barcodes make the handling of the receiving process very easy and effective. With guided inventory receiving and putaway, therefore, the entire inventory handling is optimized. 

NetSuite’s WMS is the perfect choice for your organization, if you wish to optimize all the picking, packing, and shipping stages. Due to the fact that all the processes of the warehouse’s operations are streamlined and, if desired, customized to the warehouse’s needs, the picking process and task assignment are significantly improved. According to the criteria given by the management, this system can define pick and putaway strategies as well as labels which can then be automatically generated during the receiving process. What is also very beneficial with regard to the picking process is the option of hiding expired lots. Crucially, this system is very efficient, able to support large numbers of orders, that is, up to 10,000 order lines per day and per picking location. Finally, a picked transaction line can be quickly reversed, if required.  

The Warehouse Management System is essential for attaining the maximum of your organization’s productivity, as all necessary operations will be seamlessly managed. NetU Group can implement NetSuite for your company, support all your needs, and deal with any query you may have.  

For learning more about NetSuite’s Warehouse Management System, contact our team of experts for more information and guidance.