Costs are an inevitable part of any business, and with profit margins being ever squeezed these days, it’s vital to keep on top of all your outgoings. At first glance, it may seem like a simple task. You have invoices from your suppliers, and you have a payroll package that reports the costs of staff wages. But when you truly begin to think about every aspect of your business that has an associated cost, it quickly becomes overwhelming. So many payments within a wealth of different systems. How on earth do you consolidate it all?  


A seemingly endless world of costs 

There are the large payments; utility bills, rent for premises, wage bills, and raw materials. There are those ‘hidden’ expenses for insurances, membership fees for professional organisations, and such like, and a myriad of smaller payments for postage, stationery, furniture, office supplies, and so much more. A huge number of small payments can add up to a lot, so it’s really important to keep track of all your spending across the entirety of the business. Cost analysis reports can be incredibly beneficial to ensure money isn’t being wasted, costs are justified, and to pinpoint areas where a change in supplier, or eliminating some unnecessary wastage could result in cost savings. However, traditionally, the time spent managing this data, across various systems and creating super-complex spreadsheets, perhaps wasn’t worth all the effort. In a fast-paced business, by the time you’d gathered all your data and made some sensible analysis from it, it would be out of date and old news.  

It’s time to find a solution that doesn’t cost you time 

But now, more and more businesses are turning to automated cost analysis processes to gain that vital insight into business costs, without the hassle. Oracle NetSuite makes gathering cost data a breeze by automating a wide range of processes and consolidating disparate data. This powerful software suite captures data, collates and analyses it, and creates easy-to-understand, valuable reports that give you a greater overview of your business, so you can make the very best, most informed decisions.  


Oracle NetSuite and NetU go hand in hand  

As a cost-saving measure, Oracle NetSuite is excellent, a system that will no doubt soon pay for itself. It’s also an effective way to detect and eliminate wastage within your systems and ensure you’re getting the best value for money throughout your enterprise. However, while the results are a game changer, implementing such a system can be incredibly daunting. But with NetU partnering with Oracle NetSuite, we’re ready for the challenge! Put your cost analysis solutions in our capable hands, and our expert team will consult with you to find the perfect solution you’re looking for, with seamless, hassle-free integration, bringing you the end results you need without the tough work to get there. Oracle Netsuite is a well-established system used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. Add to this NetU’s years of experience with providing software solutions in the sector, and you have the perfect combination for straightforward, comprehensive, cost-effective, cost analysis.    


Want to find out more? 

For more information regarding Oracle NetSuite and NetU’s range of products and services, do visit our website or drop us a line if you have any questions. We’re always happy to share our expertise!