Automate Accounts Payable with NetSuite

23 November, 2022


Oracle has added NetSuite AP Automation to the NetSuite family of products, and it’s certainly a unique proposal.    

Oracle NetSuite is a highly popular cloud-based software suite that is used by businesses worldwide. From managing inventory to maintaining customer relationships, NetSuite puts many powerful tools at the fingertips of global businesses. Oracle is always keen to keep this award-winning software cutting-edge, and the latest addition certainly adds some advanced time-saving beneficial functionality. As recently announced at SuiteWorld 2022, Oracle has added NetSuite AP Automation to the NetSuite family of products, and it’s certainly a unique proposal.    

This innovative product is the only solution on the market that can embed banking services directly into cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. To put it simply, you’ll now be able to make vendor payments and process bills from right within NetSuite. This is going to be a huge time saver, cutting the hassle out of a lot of regular, yet time-consuming accounting work. Additionally, by utilizing these new NetSuite AP features, your business can reduce costs as many tasks become automated. With advanced automation comes a much-improved speed of service, so you can deliver the very best service to your customers, and you can deliver it quickly.  

By streamlining and automating accounts payable processes, you can eliminate errors and boost your efficiency. Additionally, when you put your Accounts Payable tasks into the award-winning global system that is NetSuite, you gain the benefits that NetSuite has become famous for. Ease of use, transparent workflow, great integration options, and the ability to view the exact information you want in easy-to-understand reports. Data reporting becomes a simpler task, and with an integrated approval workflow, the approval system becomes more robust and effective.  

The new system uses both character recognition and object detection technologies. Bills can be scanned directly into the system, cutting out tedious manual data input, and reducing mistakes due to human error. In addition, a sophisticated cross-referencing system further reduces errors, automatically checking unit prices and quantities.   

Are you already a NetSuite user and would like to integrate the new NetSuite AP Automation into your business processes? Or are you yet to discover all that NetSuite has to offer your business? As an official Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider, NetU is here to answer all your questions regarding any aspect of Oracle NetSuite, and we can offer advice and recommendations tailored to your own unique requirements. So please visit our website to find out more about NetSuite, or simply contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.