Achieve your business goals with NetU Group

12 January, 2022


At NetU, we have the means to ensure that our customers’ needs are met through internationally acclaimed business solutions, both horizontal and vertical.

With digitalization becoming more and more relevant, businesses are increasingly required to adapt to the changing circumstances and adopt new technologies. Notably, here at NetU, as a regional leading IT solutions provider for businesses, we have the means to ensure that our customers’ needs are met through our various different internationally acclaimed business solutions, both horizontal and vertical. We aim to assist companies with their digital transformation journey to realize and achieve their business goals. Below are the most important solutions provided by NetU:

Exelsys constitutes one of the most powerful analytical tools for HR professionals since it can generate real-time reports and graphics through multilingual tools so that employee information and key staff issues are effectively handled. At the same time, it facilitates strategic planning for optimum employee experience, even if employees are based in different parts of the country or other regions. 

If you are in the automotive industry, then incadea dealer management system is the perfect open-platform designed to boost dealership performance, growth and profitability. Our fully integrated solution is powered by Microsoft Dynamics BC, ensuring innovative functionality and a user-friendly interface. This solution amazes customers through customer-centric, personalized experiences across the entire dealership and optimizes processes, reduce costs, and improve productivity while focusing on the activities with the most added value. Overall, incadea.dms will certainly provide scalability for the growth of your business, ongoing development to support the ever-changing customer expectations, and new emerging technologies and solutions for sales, service, and other business areas of your dealership.

For a growing business, the financial management system must be able to help meet change with confidence. Infor SunSystems is an innovative financial management solution that can quickly incorporate new product lines, organizational changes, and acquisitions. It can ensure measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs) match the state of your business today, and certainly protect your investment for the future and limit reliance on IT for business-level needs.

Being an innovative and groundbreaking solution that offers intelligent and integrated cloud applications, NetSuite Oracle will definitely accelerate your flourishing business. By having all your business data into one single database allows you to monitor important performance metrics in real time. Importantly, fragmented data is unified, whereas processes become entirely automated, facilitating a collaboration between customer-facing CRM and Ecommerce capabilities with back-office Accounting/ERP and self-service portals for partners, enhancing, in this way, business performance. Overall, with NetSuite Oracle, you can make fast and informed decisions whilst running your business in the most effective manner. Furthermore, all implementations provided by this solution can be applied very simply and adjusted to your own needs and requirements. Finally, due to the fact that it is a cloud solution, your total cost of ownership becomes much lower.

You’ll be amazed with the benefits that Salesforce Cloud CRM platform has to offer. After all, it is no coincidence that, with 15 years of experience, Salesforce is considered the world leader in CRM, offering the world’s number one platform. This innovative solution will eliminate all unnecessary and complicated tasks that actually obstruct employees from maintaining a stable and productive workforce, thus, from keeping customers happy and loyal. Embrace innovation by automating your business process with workflows, approvals, escalation rules, and alerts. You can also generate reports on any device while, if you need to, connect and share files from various external sources, such as Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, and Google Drive. What truly empowers the sales process and, essentially, customer service is the ability to have real time forecast and performance comparison. Conveniently, you can also work even when you are not online, through your mobile device. Simultaneously, Salesforce enforces your company’s marketing success via assigning leads automatically or capturing new leads through your corporate website by using web-to-lead. Discover the impact of targeted and personalized campaigns, which you can run across email, mobile, web, or social networks and manage through your company’s website and all social networks straightforwardly and uncomplicated. Effectively, Salesforce enables you to create customized and branded communities in order to engage with your customers in the most optimum manner, and, fundamentally, connect with the targeted markets for boosting your sales.

If you don’t want to rely on in-house IT, NetU can provide its customers with specialized IT Professional Services which cover all aspects of project management, software development, and solutions implementation. Notably, our high – caliber and devoted employees, combined with our abundant recourses, can offer consulting, technical services, any necessary training, and constant maintenance or support.

Your digital transformation will face many challenges. Selecting the best Tier 1 business solutions is not the only one. The second key to success is to handle the integration between them and any other external or internal application. Handling complex information systems that often come hand in hand with confusion, time-consuming processes, and errors. What has become essential is to integrate these different sub-systems seamlessly providing you with a single, reliable integration layer, in order to increase productivity across your organization, take advantage of new opportunities easily and fast, avoid communication and transaction errors, and significantly reduce your costs. In this way, all your business needs and objectives can be achieved with minimum risks and maximum profitability. NetU has years of experience in Systems Integration, has also developed its own NetU Integration Layer, an EAI/ESB middleware solution to facilitate these needs, providing in this way a holistic service to your organization.

For more information on the most beneficial solutions for your business acceleration, contact NetU and let our team of experts give you the best advice or answer your every question. NetU can successfully guide your digital transformation journey and help you achieve your company’s objectives and business goals.