5 ways to win more deal mandates and built-in compliance.

14 July, 2021


Being able to successfully handle deal mandates and built-in compliance is very important for business efficiency, collaboration, and productivity. Learn More.

Being able to successfully handle deal mandates and built-in compliance is very important for business efficiency, collaboration, and productivity. By activating Actionable Insights, corporate and investment bankers, compliance managers, and group heads can provide better customer experience, collaborate more effectively with their team, and explore new deal opportunities.  More specifically, by turning insights into action, such professionals are enabled to fuel pipeline and boost its growth, improve communication with deal teams, and have an integrated view of internal and third-party data on a single screen. What is also vital is the acquired ability to share sensitive information securely with the right people at the right time.

There are various solutions for senior bankers to engage better with their clients and strengthen their relationship with them, for example, by personalizing deal proposals with integrated client insights, complete interaction histories, relationship mapping, and AI-powered recommendations. Additionally, customer experiences across channels and geographies can be unified while finding the solution that works better for each customer and meet their unique requirements. What is also essential for a banker is to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity and have visibility into key relationships. This can be accomplished by an effective collaboration among analysts and the rest of the deal team members who work on research, valuation, market data, relationships, deal recommendations, and who prepare client pitches. In essence, it is open communication and collaboration that allows the team to find important answers and make successful data-driven decisions. After mandating a deal, it is crucial that no conflict of interest occurs and sensitive information to be strictly available only to team members approved by compliance. For this to be ensured, compliant data sharing must be established. What is more, deals need to be able to move forward efficiently so that sales are optimized. Hence, one has to be able to review and capture data, calendar information, client pitches and call reports easily, either from the office or on the go. By activating actionable insights, you can accelerate deal flow and guarantee that critical and time sensitive projects are delivered on time. Finally, proper awareness of all deals in the pipeline, hence a 360-degree view of accounts, relationship mapping, and interaction activity is required for a business to remain healthy. For achieving this, one should generate actionable insights in order to review deals in real time and take advantage of any new available opportunities.

Salesforce offers solutions with differentiated insights for bankers, agents and group heads to be able to accelerate deal pipelines. With the proper actionable insights, new deals are closed easily while existing deals are treated with efficiency and effectiveness. The health of your business depends on positive customer experiences which can be ensured with the appropriate solutions.

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