Salesforce is the world's leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem.
The Salesforce Customer Success Platform can help your business grow into a more streamlined,
effective and efficient organisation across sales, service, marketing and more.


NetU is the leading partner for Salesforce, the most advanced Cloud CRM in Cyprus and Greece

NetU offers Salesforce CRM, the #1 Customer Relationship Management cloud application. The Salesforce CRM solution that NetU provides in Cyprus and Greece, is a cloud application that can be implemented in any type of organization irrespective of industry.

Salesforce CRM provided by NetU, is a cloud based system that is always online – no software, no hardware necessary.

Additionaly, Salesforce CRM is ideal for Cypriot small businesses and large enterprises since there are no expensive setup costs nor maintenance.

NetU can offer all the necessary support so your employees can work the entire CRM application remotely from any device such as smartphone, tablet or laptop.

But Salesforce is more than just a single product – it's a complete integrated solution for managing all interactions with your customers and prospects, designed to help your organisation grow and succeed.

Introducing the Customer Success Platform


How NetU & Salesforce can help me?


NetU, as a Salesforce.com silver partner in Cyprus and Greece, can help you become a Customer company and connect with your customers in a whole new way.
Through Salesforce, all processes and information relating to sales (indirectly or directly) such as Sales, Service, Marketing, Communities, Analytics, Social Profiles, Dashboards, Content, Collaboration are consolidated to one user interface.

Salesforce CRM is a suite of specialized cloud applications that automate every aspect of Sales and Marketing functions:

NetU is the leading partner in Cyprus for Salesforce CRM

Sales Cloud

Cutting edge CRM and sales force automation
Sales Cloud is the CRM and sales force automation suite that speeds and streamlines all phases of sales from lead management through to clinching the deal.

Why choose Sales Cloud?
With Sales Cloud you can connect with your customers instantly and efficiently.

  • Close more deals.
  • Get better leads.
  • Nurture prospects more effectively.
  • Collaborate across teams.
  • Work from any connected device – desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Salesforce software

Service Cloud

The world's #1 customer service application
Service Cloud is an online help desk and call centre platform that supports effective, always-on customer support from any device.

Why choose Service Cloud?

  • Respond more quickly for improved customer satisfaction.
  • Deliver complete multi-channel support – follow a case across social media, email, telephone and more.
  • Give personalised service based on customer contact history.
  • Target, measure and improve key call centre metrics.
  • Increase customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction.

Salesforce CRM - Marketing cloud

Marketing Cloud

Multi-channel marketing automation
Deliver exceptional brand experiences across multiple channels. Marketing Cloud helps you make the most of every customer interaction, giving you the email, mobile, social media and web tools you need to manage the customer journey across every channel.

Why choose Marketing Cloud?

  • Understand which communications are working – and which aren’t.
  • Analyse customer interactions in real time.
  • Deliver immediate, personalised and targeted campaigns.
  • Make the most of every interaction with your customers.
  • Get a clear picture of ROI for every marketing effort.

Salesforce CRM - community cloud

Community Cloud

Enhancing communication with online communities
Community Cloud is an online collaboration and business process platform that connects employees, customers, partners, suppliers and distributors.

Why choose Community Cloud?

  • Build and track self-service customer communities.
  • Connect directly with resellers, distributors and partners.
  • Harness the power of social and mobile to transform productivity.
  • Accelerate channel sales.
  • Connect product teams with direct feedback.

Salesforce CRM - analytics cloud

Analytics Cloud

Transforming Big Data into Business Intelligence
Analyse metrics that show exactly how your business is performing, and why. Analytics Cloud makes it easy to explore any kind of data on any device, so every business user can gain insights and share answers without analysts or additional IT resource.

Why choose Analytics Cloud?

  • Build your own analytics apps tailored to your business.
  • Use simple drag-and-drop tools to build complex queries.
  • Create custom dashboards for instant snapshots of key performance metrics.
  • Securely deliver any data, from any source, via a 100% native Salesforce cloud service.
  • Navigate any data set from any device with true cross-platform availability.

Salesforce CRM - App cloud

App Cloud

Create the apps you need quickly and easily
Create your own apps easily and quickly. With App Cloud your ideas become real mobile and business apps, built either with simple clicks or traditional coding.

Why choose App Cloud?

  • Connect devices, apps and customer data in a single platform.
  • Build the next generation of apps with complete, open APIs.
  • Deploy apps and updates across the enterprise with a single click.
  • Scale effortlessly with cloud-based development and rollout.
  • Respond instantly to business needs without additional infrastructure.

Salesforce CRM - IOT cloud

IOT Cloud

Connect the Internet of Things with the Internet of Customers
IOT Cloud connects all your data from the internet of things to the rest of Salesforce for better insights and real-time customer actions.

Why choose IOT Cloud?

  • Automatically create opportunities and sales orders.
  • Automatically request and schedule repairs.
  • Trigger customer notifications and text by devices.
  • Initiate automatic inspections based on the delivery of supplies.


Any kind of business in Cyprus using Salesforce CRM cloud-based application, benefits from the multi-tenant computing model, leaving Salesforce to be responsible for building and maintaining hardware and software.

NetU with Salesforce CRM assists Cypriot and Greek companies to build a Complete View of their Customers including their static data, purchases and their shopping habits, their loyalty schemes, their complaints, if any, to the promotional actions, and even their social profiles.

NetU provides consulting, implementation and support for Salesforce CRM services in Cyprus and Greece for new or existing Salesforce customers.

NetU offers a full fledged Salesforce service portfolio for companies in Cyprus such as:

Salesforce end-to-end implementation services

  • Our specialized IT team can extend and customize Salesforce functionality or develop additional custom functionality.
  • Integrate Salesforce.com with other third party systems and Build custom reports & dashboards.
  • As your salesforce partner, NetU could easily map business processes using workflows & approvals.
  • NetU supports Salesforce data cleaning (for existing or to-be uploaded data) and mass data upload and export.
  • We provide End-users and Administrators Training, but also localized manuals & user guides.
  • We offer Salesforce related translation services.
  • With our long term experience in Salesforce applications, we are able to optimize user access, permissions, and sharing rules.
  • As Salesforce silver partner in Cyprus, NetU provides 1st level support (Help Desk).

Why chose NetU as your Salesforce partner in Cyprus?

Since its founding, NetU has been focusing on the software sector, with years of experience and a unique level of know-how on the Salesforce solution. This specialized know-how combined with the methodologies and the qualified staff we employ, gives us the advantage of being able to identify and propose the most appropriate CRM solution and implement all Salesforce functions within time and budget while ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety.

Who uses Salesforce?

Since Salesforce was launched back in 1999, more than 150,000 customers grow their customer base through Salesforce application.

Salesforce customers come in all shapes and sizes, and from just about every sector imaginable: from transportation, manufacturing and retail to media, government and non-profit helping them grow into more streamlined, efficient and profitable organisations.

Featured Solutions
No matter the size of your company, all sales reps share one common goal: the desire to be a top performer. We can help with that.
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